Retirees Department

Monday – May 15

Eugene E. Joseph, PhD
La Sierra University, Biology Professor

Dr. Eugene J
oseph grew up in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. He graduated from high school and college from La Universidad Adventista de Las Antillas in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. He earned a graduate degree in human anatomy from Loma Linda University and later graduated with a doctorate degree in biomedical sciences from the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.  He was also a NASA-sponsored student and completed a pre doctoral fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Lerner Research Institute, Department of Biomedical Engineering) in Cleveland, OH. Dr. Joseph is currently an associate professor in the Department of Biology at La Sierra University and has worked as a Contract Instr
uctor in the School of Allied Health Professions (Department of Clinical Laboratory Science) of Loma Linda University.

Tuesday – May 16
Charles Teel Jr., PhD
La Sierra University, Religion and Society  

Dr. Charles Teel, Jr., claims Loma Linda Academy, Pacific Union College, Andrews University, Boston University, and Harvard University as his educational institutions. His field of study is that of the sociology of religion and pushing questions related to religion and society.

Dr. Teel served as director of the Stahl Center for World Service before retiring after nearly four decades as a professor at La Sierra University in the HMS Richard Divinity School.  His role at the Stahl Center included directing the museum which housed global artifacts donated by missionaries and other global travelers. He also has lead dozens of study tours to Pevis Andes and Amazon following in the footsteps of globally famous museums Fernando and Ana Stahl.

The Stahls, trained as nurses from the mid-west, arrived on the shores of Pervis Lake Titicaca to practice the healing arts. Upon discovering that public education was available only to the 8 percent Spanish-speaking populations and denied to the 92 percent native Aymara and Quechua peoples, the Stahls became social change agents by starting a movement that would make education available to all.

Dr. Teel is married to Marta Paston-Teel, a language educator from Spain. The Teels adopted two daughters, who are sisters, from Honduras.  

Tuesday – May 16
Pastor William and Jackie Tucker
Retired Quiet Hour Ministries Speaker, Directors

Pastor William (Bill) Tucker is speaker emeritus for Quiet Hour Ministries (QHM), an 80 year old international evangelism/media, mission projects and publishing ministry. QHM, headquartered in Redlands, California is currently staffed by 18 employees. Since 2000, QHM has taken hundreds of teams of people from all over North America on short term world-wide international mission/evangelism trips.

Bill is a third generation preacher and son of the late Pastor LaVerne Tucker, and grandson of the founder, Pastor J. L. Tucker. In the fall of 1964, Bill entered Southwestern Junior College and continued and continued until the spring of ’66, graduating with an A.A. in Theology. Bill graduated from Southern Adventist University (Southern Missionary College) in 1968 with a B.A. degree in Theology. Bill and Jackie (Hiser) Tucker were married June 5, 1968 at the Keene Adventist church where they had attended as students. In the summer of ’68, the Tuckers began ministry in the Georgia-Cumberland Conference. The Tuckers pastored churches in Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, British Columbia, and California. In June of 1980, Bill began his duties at QHM as evangelism director and music programming director. For the next three years Bill conducted and participated in three to five evangelistic programs per year.

After a 3-year stint pastoring in Arkansas, he returned to QHM to become general vice-president and the associate speaker of the weekly radio broadcast and host of the daily radio broadcast, New Way of Life. In 1993, Bill assumed the responsibilities as president and speaker for QHM. In 1997, Windows of Hope, a weekly television program was launched with Bill and Jackie Tucker as hosts. QHM has transitioned from a radio ministry to a global evangelism ministry with its current television program, Missions Today on the Hope Channel, reporting on recent mission trips around the globe, and using the social media to encourage people of all ages to partner with the ministry.

Today, Bill is retired after 47 years of ministry, having traveled to more than 50 countries and conducting nearly 100 evangelism campaigns, and witnessing the baptisms of tens of thousands. He still speaks as speaker emeritus around the globe in evangelism meetings, and weekend events across North America. Additionally Bill is currently volunteering as senior ministries pastor at Redlands Adventist church. He ministers weekly to that age group.

Jackie enjoys being with Bill at least once a year in an overseas evangelism outreach, assisting in medical clinics and preaching. But her favorite pastime is being a grandma to seven grandchildren. Bill and Jackie Tucker have three adult children, Amy, Chad, and Jeremy. For relaxation, Bill enjoys playing a round of golf with his retired friends, working out at the gym, tending to his roses, raising tomatoes in his “postage stamp” garden, and enjoying a good book. Jackie enjoys cooking, being home, tending to the little ones, cutting felts for overseas trips, and reading a good book.

Wednesday – May 17
Brian Neal, SECC Director of Commitment  
Esther Alonso-Neal, Health Educator

Elder Brian Neal hails from Columbus, Ohio, and is the product of Pine Forge Academy, Oakwood College, San Bernardino State University, and Loma Linda University.

He began his ministry in 1974 as the youth pastor of the San Diego 31st Street church. In 1976 he was invited to be the associate and then interim pastor of the Kansas Avenue church in Riverside, the same church his father, Elder Warren Neal, built and pastored for seventeen years.

In 1977, Brian was called to pastor the Valley Fellowship company. In that day Valley Fellowship was a one of a kind experimental project in San Bernardino, located in a low-income community that lies in the shadows of Loma Linda University. During Brian’s watch, Valley Fellowship grew from a company of 40 members to a church of over 250 members in eighteen months. This company (turned church) was primarily a cross-cultural, young adult congregation that had as one of its goals to significantly enhance the lives of the families and individuals that lived in the surrounding community through ventures such as opening free medical clinics that were operated and maintained by staff and students from nearby Loma Linda University.

In 1979, Brian was called to be the associate youth director of the Southeastern California Conference. In 1989, his primary focus was to be the director of senior youth ministries for the same conference. One of his more notable accomplishments was his annual spectacular youth and young adult events in the world renowned Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. In 2000, Brian’s focus changed and he was elected to be the director of commitment (formerly known as Stewardship) and the director of young adult ministries for our conference. Presently, Brian is the health and commitment director with a focus is on introducing members to the concept and benefits of having God as their financial partner!
Brian has had the privilege of ministering to God’s people across North and South America, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean for the past 30 years. He loves all youth, most sports, and fast cars.

Brian is married to the lovely Esther Alonso-Neal and has one son, Dominic Joseph Neal.

Esther is a health educator, certified health coach, clinical nurse specialist, personal trainer, entrepreneur, and what she’s most proud of, a music minister, who has had the privilege of ministering to God’s people around the world and on both the Hope Channel and 3ABN networks.

Her greatest joy comes from blessing others. Consequently all of her businesses, projects, and personal endeavors have one goal in mind: “Who can I bless today?”